Happy Anniversary Bethany and Norm!

And I was really happy to receive a phone call from Norm setting up an anniversary photo session surprising his beautiful bride Bethany! 
 Last time we didn't get much of a chance to take urban style wedding photos...
We didn't pass that up this time! 

 But we still made time for the classics!
 So Beautiful!

Then we headed for the iconic "purple people bridge" 

 The are truly one of the most awesome couples!

 Congratulations Bethany and Norm!!! 
May you have 100 more anniversaries as sweet!

The Amazing Lindsay!

 Lindsay is Awesome!
She sent me some images she really liked after our consultation and we made her wishes come true! 
We even got to try out a new location...

 Lindsay was a great model
We hiked all over the park taking amazing portraits... 
 and getting attacked by ants.

Thank you Lindsay and family! You guys rock!

TEDx Cincinnati

 If you guys haven't found out about TEDxCincinnati yet you need to! A while back I helped out on a TEDx Women's conference and this time I had the good fortune of photographing Every Citizen a Diplomat!
 It was held at the beautiful Harriet Tubman theater at the Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati Ohio.
 I'm afraid I don't have enough time to go over every one of the wonderful speakers that gave talks at the event, but I can give you a n overview! And you can read all about the fantastic speakers and performers in detail here!
 They were engaging! 
 And inspiring!
Jami Edelheit and the team really brought the night together!
With Sarah from NKU & Infomatics  representing!  
 And Kellyann Nelson of the Young Professionals Choir Collective conducting!
 And Eugene of Triage drumming
 And the ladies from Pones Inc getting us up and moving!
Plus Tanya O'Rourke from WCPO and the hilarious Carlton Farmer as hosts with 
 amazing drumming by BI-OKOTO DANCE & DRUM THEATRE
 the Young Professionals Choir Collective

Our amazing audience 
Triage Jammin! 
and David Le  
 + The amazing Bob Herring!
This was an amazing event and you'll be sorry if you miss the next one!
Check out more here! 
This event's awesome team!

Chelsea's Senior Portraits!

I've known Chelsea since she was a young'n!
Last weekend I got to immortalize her with her senior portraits!

Just as much fun as last time but with a different purpose, Chelsea and I had the luck of James Hollenberg showing us his secret location! 
And it was beautiful! 

I can't believe how big you've gotten
Keep rocking Chelsea & Tina!