Speedlight Workshop AWESOME!

The PhotoMentorGroup Speedlighting workshop was AWESOME! I can't thank all involved enough!
 Super big thanks to Craig Weiglein and Mansion Hill Studios for letting us set up shop for the afternoon! We started off with 260 slides of boring details and math but then followed it up with two hours of nonstop learning fun at Cincinnati's Alms Park!
 Eric and I had the special privilege of having the shootout photographed by the ultra talented Michael Zero who made us all look "so good!" 
 I only had 2 hours to go through the images, but here is one of my favorite images of one of our beautiful models, Emily!
After the concept and details portion we all had a great time mastering photons!

Eric and I divided up into two groups and shot every inch of the beautiful pavilion with our talented crew! 
My beautiful cuz, Holly!
 Eric dashing people's dreams with 600ex rt commander unit. (jk dude jk)
 Then they got down to the business of beautiful portraits with KT!

 It was a great learning experience for all!
This was an amazing afternoon with some really great photographers! Thanks for everything guys!

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