032710 Kasey Got Ducklings!!!!

What can I say... Kasey got Ducklings!!

Some of the cutest animals ever!

And then she and the ducks became victims of the free portrait project this Saturday.

Duck Butt!

It was a wonderful time and then she cooked us vegetarian lunch and we went to the junk shop. It was a great day!

I mean, come on, I got to play with duckies.
(they do poo a lot, though)

Kasey is awesome! She's also building an ark I hear. Fish, dogs, cats, ducks, ...

032610 Jamie and the Super Fast Shoot

Back when I first advertised free portraits Jamie was all for the idea! We scheduled a time and couldn't wait to go. Whoever, Friday turned out to be the only cold day of the week.

So to get a nice photograph and not kill Jamie we ran through the shoot, knocked them out, and scheduled a future dinner in a warm restaurant!

The whole shoot took about 13 min.
The Setup For All of These Shots:
My beautiful Terri with the Quantum Q flash on 1/4 most of the time.
One 580 EXII on a stand 1/8th power.
Canon 40D, 24-105mm F4, 200 ISO (i think)

Here's where we took them in down town Cincinnati. The columns and door are on the church (circled) and the alley is the other circle, the "Xs" are where we parked.
Fun shoot with a beautiful woman!
Now I can't wait for dinner!

032710 Misc

We also snapped a few quick pictures at the junk shop.

Spring is coming!

some of the junk shop world!

032010 Finn: The Cutest Baby in the World

Can you really say you have seen a cuter baby? Honestly, I can see as cute, but not cuter. This is baby Finn, the son of my dear friend of many years Jason and his beautiful wife Lauren.

I tried out some different kinds of shots this time for Finn.

You can clearly see where he gets it from.

We took so many pictures that someone got tired.


032010 My Backyard World

So the first day of spring was a magical time in Cincinnati. It was almost 70 degrees and perfect. The first day in months that if felt good to be outside! I spent a little time in my backyard world.

031910 Faith's Sweet 16 (B is B)

This Friday I got the privilege of meeting a fantastic group of people at BD's Mongolian Grill! This is Faith and her closest friends.

We had no problem coming up with photo ideas.
Thank you Faith for letting me hang out on your birthday!

032010 Misc

Terri and the technicolor sandwich!

Terri's mom's daffodils.

031310 "Say the Right Thing"

Here's a new composite photo I did about getting into arguments and not saying stupid things!

I have posted a video of the lighting setup for the main part of the photo on Facebook. Check it out it was pretty cool!

031410 Director and Horror Movie Aficionado: Steve Taylor

This handsome guy is Cincinnati director and teacher Steve Taylor. He stopped by to borrow my 10-22mm wide angle lens for a film he is shooting that needs some lens distortion when I clicked off a frame or three of him for the free portrait project.
Steve and I share a love of zombi movies so I thought I'd use some overlays in photoshop to make him look like he just got done chainsawing through zombie Nazis.

031410 All Kinds of Stuff (Misc)

This image was from a few years ago, but the subject came up.

Honey in tea, very tasty.

This is the view from where the front door used to be of a house I lived in in 2000. It has since been torn down and an fancy apartment complex has been built in it's place. The apartments in the picture are new too. There used to be another warehouse there.

030610 Free Portrait's from Lexington!

I got to go to Lexington KY and Gorgetown KY this weekend for a visit with some friends and free portraits. The deal is basically this: I'll take your portrait for free if I have the time and you come to me. You get one or two free portraits through facebook and they have my name on them like these. I'm up for creative ideas!

(In his jam room.)

Rock drummer and SmashingPumpkins.com columnist Andy "Yob" Seibert.

Guitar genius, and sponsored moog artist, Tristin Morin.

(at his workstation)

Portraits take about 15-30 min max!

030210 Rock Band Shoot

This is the photo for the rock band shoot I did for facebook.
The behind the scenes video is posted there too.
I like to ask people what to shoot every once and a while.
This one was suggested by Andy S.

030510 Lexington and Georgetown, KY

Just a few scenic landscapes from central Kentucky.

And as a point of interest Lexington also is home to this complex owned by Southland Christian Church. That's all one big building. Check it out large!