1000 Flickr Followers

While I'm finishing up two big weddings I have a fun little tidbit to entertain you! 
After 10 years and 2,676 image uploads I have 1000 followers on flickr! 

New weddings up soon!

B.A.B.S.P. (Steph and Seth's Wedding)

 As promised I will now share with you the most awesome wedding!
 Steph and Seth have tied the knot!
 And their cast of thousands came to their side to create the best wedding ever! Flowers were from Mrs Cole! Amazing!
 Jane Bettis and I were on photographic duty!
But the real stars were Steph and Seth!

The ceremony was at Bellevue Park overlooking Cincinnati!

 So romantic!

 We love these two!

 Then photos at Sharon Woods!

And a rock star reception!
 Complete with challenges
 And a fog machine!

It was epic!
Congratulations Steph and Seth!

Cincinnati Strongman Sean McCarthy

 So I recently made friends with Sean McCarthy who can lift one thousand pounds!
I've teamed up with him to document his Guinness Book of World Record breaking throw of a washing machine 15 feet July 17th at Great American Stadium!
More to come!

Giving Families!

 Vivian and I completed our first Giving Families challenge this weekend! We bought tasty canned foods for those in need. 
 Giving families is a website you can sign up for and they will mail you a challenge a month to fulfill that will benefit the community, nature, or the environment.   We recommend you sign up!
We went on a walk this morning to pick up trash. When I asked Vivian why she was so interested in doing it she told me she wanted the earth to be proud of us. And she was proud of me for going along. smile emoticon

2015 DAAP Fashion Show

 Last week I got to photograph the behind the scenes for this year's DAAP fashion show!
 There's a lot of crazy stuff going on on the other side of the runway and I was there for it all!

 At times there was some pretty intense lighting issues do deal with.
And in one room there are about 100 ladies preparing hair!

 And then more makeup with Jason Ervin!

 After final touches it was time to get dressed...

 Just seconds before the big finale of the show!
 And then these beautiful designs by Kat Bishop made their way on the runway

And the queen, Laura brought down the house. 

And congratulations Kat!