112808 TURDUCKEN!!!!!!!! (Great People I Know)

These two "Great People I Know" are Marc and Mike.
Former and occasional Ziser (www.digitalprotalk.com) assistants,
and Turducken-masters.

Mike's speciality is being excited about eating things... I guess.

And mighty fine he is at it.

Good job Boys!

This is the legendary beast! 25 lb of pure flavor and zero bones!

Oh yes, it was good. My chest hurt for two days though.

It was a regular ol' Ziser assistant reunion there!
Left to right - Marc, Nicholas, Angela, DAZ, Mike
www.digitalprotalk.com (for David)

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111508 Carrie and Brandon! (B is B)

I have known Carrie for some time now and I can say I have never seen her more beautiful!

She was radiant! (this was a flash though)

Matron of honor, and flower holder, Jamie.

I thought I'd mix up the traditional wedding party shots a bit.

This reception was a wild one!
Down to a stirring rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody!
I wish you both the best!

112308 Last Senior Portrait of the Year! (B is B)

This is Rob! If there were an endurance prize for "last call" he won it!

We booked the Krohn Conservatory because, hey, it was a week before Thanksgiving!
It's COLD!

I have to say, Rob kicks butt. I was really impressed by his character.

Some hobbies may include (but are not limited to)... Gaming...

And Frisbee!
Thanks Rob, I had a really fun time.

111608 Kendall Family Portrait (B is B)

Mrs. Kendall works with my mother and needed a family portrait! Done and done.

These are two examples of the family breakdowns. I must say, a lovely family and very kind!

112808 Misc! Finally NOT business!

I saw this while driving and doubled back to get it. After a little photoshopping I thought it turned out pretty cool. Before image.

Haha ha, when a photographer asks you to see if the flash is firing, please point it at something else.

Like your hand.

Or your face, but look away from it.
I love her she's the most amazing looking woman I've ever seen in my life.

Terri's lips.

Sunlight through coffee.

I was trying to sell this TV to Mark, my co-awesometownian.

112308 Danny and Tina's Wedding PT II (B is B)

I just finished sorting all of Danny and Tina's photos... Whew. Here's a few more of the cool ones.

I love this candid from Tina getting ready. So elegant.

This guy can't take a bad photo.

The cake.

The dance.

The Rekers. Simply Stunning.

Our friend Doug. Great Guy.


FOXY SHAZAM is something different.

This band is one of those groups that makes music dangerous again.
I don't mean like drugs and fighting, I mean WILD.

It's like the show is a battle and they come out swinging.


Hear the Music here.
My favorite song is "Red Cape Diver."

Daisy, with his game face on.

Mr. White.

Basist Daisy in a Mid-concert phone call.

I think he's on hold here.

I bought my wife a T shirt. You should buy the music. They are for real.