Cincinnati Wedding Magazine!

One super-awesome gift I got this year was a call from my friend James Hollenberg reminding me that some of our images were featured in Cincinnati Wedding Magazine! 
(Photo credit above to Lesleigh Chumbley!)

Super special thanks to Lesleigh, Todd, and family, as well as Misty B from Cincinnati Wedding Magazine! Quite an honor! Thank you!

Winter bokeh shoot with James Hollenberg, Lisa Ball, and the Weymans!

 Last night I dusted off my creative hat (seen here, very classy) to try and take some cool snow photos with James Hollenberg!
 This time we got part of the crew together and tried to get frostbite. 
 The images look great!

Umbrellas... snow is kinda frozen rain. 

Special thanks to James, Lisa, and the Weymans for freezing it out with me! 

Woo! Vivian in Winter!

This holiday break has been a wonderful chance to play with my daughter.  
 Here's some fun moments. 

Crimmus morning! 

 Inspecting for clues!
 A mirror!
 Oooh got a robe like daddy!
Winter has been a fun time of forts and holiday family!

Album Finds!

 Terri and I have been going album crazy for the last few weeks trying to get everyone's orders completed and it's always a wonderful way to relive some of these great celebrations!
 Sometimes I find some great images that I may have missed the first time around!
Here's some of those! 
Other times I get to remember how much I loved some right away!
 Just love it!

The albums are on the way guys!
and a big thank you to Terri our amazing designer!

Family Portraits at Krohn Conservatory's Holiday Show!

 And I can't pass up telling everyone how proud I am to be a part of Krohn Conservatory's Holiday Show again this year!
 Every Year we had down for a few nights to take free portraits for the guests that come by!
 This year they featured one of my panoramas from last year on the poster!
 It's a really special treat to meet all the wonderful families!
The best part is telling them the images are free for coming to Krohn! 
We even had Santa there!

Those Crazy NERO Cincinnati-ers...

 One of the most interesting things I can lead this blog with this week is the next chapter in NERO characters...
This time my friends from NERO Cincinnati pulled out all the stops for some of their characters.

So we had an open invite for models!
Pretty crazy huh? 
Even the dragon guy agrees.



 Last week amongst the craziness I got to visit one of the cutest little facebookers!
 Daddy loves Zoe!

 Zoe loves mommy too!

And phones, this one is hers.  
 And of course cake!
Thank you guys!!!