101010 Ben and Becka's Beautiful Wedding

10-10-10 at 10:10 am marked the tea ceremony of my good friend Ben and his soon-to-be wife Becka. This was a photo taking family, too! At one point I turned around during the ceremony and saw how many people were taking picture over my head!

The wedding itself was in the elegant Double Tree's great room.

We decided to take the whole wedding party to the Lexington Arboretum for the photos.

It was scorching sun, but beautiful!

Thank you both again very much! We love you (and Plank's Pi house has an obligation...)!

(The Great Room)

102410 Kat!

Here are some selected images from a recent shoot Terri and I had with the beautiful Ms. Kat.

Kat likes soft guitar music with gentle melodies.

We had a pretty awesome time under an overcast sky. :)

Thank you once again for letting me take your portraits Kat.

David Ziser's Fall Master's Class 2010

Last week held David Ziser's Fall 2010 Master's Class. An amazing learning experience where photographers of all levels who want to improve on their skills can gather and learn David's Flavor of photography.

The models were wonderful as always!

I took most of my photos with my Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens on my Canon 7D, a pretty cool lens once you figure out how to focus again!

This is the lovely Vanessa.

Here's all of our models at this years second day on site location, Ault Park.
(sorry about the contrast)

I even got to work with the beautiful and super cool Leonora again (spring).

I'm still trying to get a handle on the manual focus 1.4. :)

The final location this year was Drees Pavilion in Kentucky for some back lighting and some light painting. It was a really great time. And we all learned a lot.


102210 Tico the Stunt Pilot!

That's Tico.

With the help of his friend Andy, I got to chase Tico and his stunt plane around the Ohio skies for a while Friday! It was a seriously interesting experience!

First of all, guts doesn't begin to describe what these aviators have (in more than one way)!

The gentlemen conducted several choreographed stunts. I tried my hardest to take the best photos possible, but when your holding the Canon 7D with the 70-200mm 2.8 lens and whipping 2 Gs the setup goes from weighing nothing to 11 1/4 pounds in half a second!!

I want to thank everyone very much for letting me photograph this amazingly cool situation!!

Email me if you are interested in plane rides they range in price depending on your desire and average about $200. If you are an adventurer with an iron stomach, this is the trip for you!

101610 600 Rubies

Last weekend I held another music summit at my house.

The attendees, the very talented singer song-writer/guitarist/xylophone playing Mariel...

Man of a thousand arms, and professional drummer, Teddy Aitkins. Teddy's band is releasing their album this week even!

And the immensely personable and calculating Manny.

We got together Friday and recorded as much as we could until Saturday afternoon.

We managed an amazing 4 songs, but none are complete yet. I'll post the link when it's available!

Mariel and I ended the session with a trip to the all-you-can-eat sushi buffet, it was a magnificent weekend!

Band: 600 Rubies
Album: Cat Tales
Out Soon!

101710 Senior Weekend! Kayla, Justin, & Sydney

Terri and I have been running all over the place taking photos in the past weeks! It's amazingly fun to keep meeting all of the interesting people we get the privilege of photographing but really exhausting at the same time! This first group of photos is from our photo shoot with the lovely Kayla.

After some wandering in downtown Cincinnati we headed off to a few places that are just fantastic for a glamorous storybook look!

Ault Park pavilion never looks more fairy tale than at the "blue hour."

With a 580 wedged in a storm drain for rim light behind Kayla shows us how it's done!

Little Marley even got a special outfit for the event!

Chronologically next and certainly not least is Justin, who's wonderful mother came to me after she got the run-around from another photographer.

Justin is a really awesome guy, so I had no problem fitting them in to our schedule!

We had a lot of fun waiting for a team of toddlers to fun to the far side of the field for these shots. :)

Here we took a few shots on the sidewalk outside my house while waiting for mom to arrive, proving you don't need a fancy location for good portraits, but it helps.

And Ms. Sydney's mom will be thrilled to hear that i have also ordered her wonderful daughter's prints. And they are amazing also!!! Thank you again, my friends!

It was a spectacular time with you also!