100310 High Speed Sync Sunday with OJ Santiago

(1/4000 of a second F 1.8, Canon 580EXII)
After a recent email correspondence with OJ Sanitago we got on the subject of high shutter speed sync and we HAD to try it out!

The results are amazing! Although we didn't have the bright sun to play with the overcast day still provided a perfect venue for the experiment.

Especially when Kari and OJ Santiago showed up! Terri put them to work planting the tree our good friend Ralph gave us. Thanks again Ralph!

Here's the lighting setup for the tree planting shots.

These are all triggered at up to 5000th of a second by the peanut optical sensor plugged into our cheap transmitters. All of the canon flashes were set on high speed.

OJ even took my next "Be a Photographer's Assistant" promo photo.

Email me if you would like to know more about syncing speedlights to shutter speeds higher than 250!

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