101710 Senior Weekend! Kayla, Justin, & Sydney

Terri and I have been running all over the place taking photos in the past weeks! It's amazingly fun to keep meeting all of the interesting people we get the privilege of photographing but really exhausting at the same time! This first group of photos is from our photo shoot with the lovely Kayla.

After some wandering in downtown Cincinnati we headed off to a few places that are just fantastic for a glamorous storybook look!

Ault Park pavilion never looks more fairy tale than at the "blue hour."

With a 580 wedged in a storm drain for rim light behind Kayla shows us how it's done!

Little Marley even got a special outfit for the event!

Chronologically next and certainly not least is Justin, who's wonderful mother came to me after she got the run-around from another photographer.

Justin is a really awesome guy, so I had no problem fitting them in to our schedule!

We had a lot of fun waiting for a team of toddlers to fun to the far side of the field for these shots. :)

Here we took a few shots on the sidewalk outside my house while waiting for mom to arrive, proving you don't need a fancy location for good portraits, but it helps.

And Ms. Sydney's mom will be thrilled to hear that i have also ordered her wonderful daughter's prints. And they are amazing also!!! Thank you again, my friends!

It was a spectacular time with you also!

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