092510 Congratulations Michael and Marica!

Two weeks ago Terri and I Were fortunate enough to photograph the breath taking wedding of longtime friends, Michael and Marica. :)

Ones for adventure, almost every place the beautiful couple had chosen for their portraits was buzzing with people! It was pretty fun, but a challenge.


Not a cloud in the sky, the shadow over this doorway was one of the only shady places outside the church and ended just an inch below the frame!

One of the benefits of scouting your location before the event is that you can find little gems like these flowers that were tucked away behind the church.

Just Married!

Hanging with the boys.

One of the coolest parts of the day was where we got to visit the home Michael and Marica are having built! When we showed up little children ran out of the partially completed garage. Michael heckled them as they ran, it was a riot and clearly an excuse to drink champagne!

This image should really hang in this hallway when it's completed guys. Seriously, no one has a portrait like this!

It was a magnificent event! We wish you years of happiness guys! Thanks for letting us share the day with you!

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