First Daddy Daughter Dance

 So last Thursday was our very first Daddy-Daughter dance.
 Mommy helped Vivian get all dolled up and Ford-Ellington provided our florals!
It seemed like a total win!
 When we got there things were awesome!
 And then we started to see too many people and...
 the music was too loud.
 It didn't end well.
 So then Saturday night, with the help of the beautiful Emme, we had another dance in our jammies...
and it was way better for us!

Sushi Saturdays!

 Sushi Saturdays have been getting really fun!
 Often many people come over and join our fun times!
There is now even a juke box of Nirvana to serenade us!
 And all are welcome!
The Bankok Terrace sushi!
And then Laser Party!

Bohemian: Kris Rekers

Did you know there was a documentary about the most amazing man in the history of the world?

Rainbows and History!

 This week I also got to review some really cool older shoots and the rainbows in my house at 10 am!



Fabulous Winter Family Photos!

 Now that the holiday cards are out I feel confident in sharing some of the most amazing winter family photos ever!

 With winter upon us the Horne-Nestor's and I chose the Roebling bridge as our backdrop!

 Chilly but amazing!