022209 Will Teach For Food!

We found out last week that Terri more than likely won't have a job after August.
If anyone has any leads on
Art teacher jobs (K-12) please let us know.
Also if you live in the Little Miami area,
please vote FOR the levy on May 5th.

022209 On a lighter note... My New Album.

I love this photo. I laugh every time I see it. Terri and I were at Spring Grove Cemetery and I was showing her what not to photograph for senior portraits.
My New Album: Lithuanian-American Folk Songs
Complete with my folk rock pseudonym
Including such hits as:
Put Some Money in Your Windowsill
That's not how you spell my last name, Ellis Island guy!
We're Right There Above Poland
Hey, Why'd the Borscht get Cold?

021409 Walk the Moon (B is B)

I was lucky enough to get the chance to photograph one of Cincinnati's greatest bands this valentine's day.

After a few lineup changes Walk the Moon has re-emerged with a whole new attitude and renewed spirit!

New drummer Adrian.

The guy in the red glasses is Nick 3 the new guitarist i think.

I had a really great time with the boys.

New album available on Itunes soon!!


021308 Exploring the University of Cincinnati and Surroundings

This is on my way to work.

Some nice architecture at UC.

Isn't this guy cool?

I have seen this on the highway for two years and wanted to take a picture of it.

Downtown Cincinnati!

This was at UC also. Someone broke a bus stop window.

021309 Oil and Water Again.

I love oil and water.

I like it less when it costs $700 to get it to stop leaking out of my car... but...

It's still pretty none the less.

021109 Another Wind Storm...

There was another wind storm last Wednesday. It blew down a power line across our street.

It caught the street on FIRE! It was pretty cool because WE didn't lose power!

Then the police showed up.

020809 Tabla!

(I have developed a new technique.)

Terri bought me tablas for my last birthday. They are really hard to play. Despite my best efforts... this composite is as good as I have managed to become.
The reason the last part of this video is black is becuase Terri and I recorded it when the wind storm knocked out our power. It was 11pm and there were no lights and nothing to do but play tabla.

Now watch this.

020809 Crazy Me and Mom

More fun with the CRP dummy mouths.

Looking dopey as ever.

Just taking advantage of the tabla light set up.
Here's a frightening outtake.
I don't know why I delight in making myself look bad.

This is a photo my mother-in-law requested for the Glen Beck tv program to let people know "the hinter land doesn't like the stimulus package."
Get em' mom!

020709 Howard and the Melting Ice

Howard was really cool. Very smart and eager for the college experience. It made me happy.

We talked for a while about all the cool things to experience.

Love the ice here. It was the frist day above 30 in a while!

013109 Snow and Ice are not that Nice

Aside for some fun I had taking photos of all the
ice and snow my week has been pretty crappy.

My car antenna.

Quick portraits.

This was our street Wednesday.