Emily and Seth's Big Day!

 Now that Emily and Seth have had a chance to see them I bring you the most awesome wedding in the world!
Emily and Seth tied the knot April 6th of this year in a beautiful ceremony at the Madison
They are two of the most laid back fun loving people you could meet! They were a blast for my good friend Eric Cameron and I to photograph! 
 Eric took a trip south to join us for this special wedding capturing all the things I might miss... And I'm glad I did!
 While I was here^^, Eric was capturing the competition above!
We also got the opportunity to do some things for Emily, Seth and the gang that we'd never done before, like Infrared Portraiture!
 The Lovely Ladies!
The Gentlemen 
 We even pulled out all the stops and photographed the ceremony with a remote cam! (Thanks Eric!)
 Then after some fine dining...
 And some hilarious sentiment...
 The party was on!
And every one had a great time!


Robots and Rainbows Spring Session!

 Last weekend one of the best things ever happened! 
Robots and Rainbows had the Spring sessions and it was awesome! 

Everyone stepped out into the bright new spring at Ault Park in Cincinnati,

 The weather was a little chilly but beautiful!

 And we all had fun!
 Natalia too!
 I have to say HUGE THANK YOU! to All the families that came out to support us and got some really wonderful images in return!
And of course co-owner Meg Koabel!

If you have little ones check out:
about our next session!

Infrared and the Future!

After seeing the amazing images my friend Travis Forbear was creating with infrared sensors I was intrigued!  This photo sealed the deal! It was the coolest thing I had seen in months! So I bought a used IR camera from the mucho talented Vincent James and here we are!
 I have no idea what I'm doing yet, but Vivian doesn't seem to mind.

 I just keep snapping away trying to see what happens!

Just a new perspective on the camera. I hope you enjoy!

Children's Photography THIS Saturday!


Robots and Rainbows is taking reservations for our Next Spring Session at Ault Park April 20th and 21st! Perhaps you've seen our photo from facebook above! If you share the image on your wall and let us know you can get a free 8x10 from the next Spring Session!
Or contact us directly from the site!

Canon 6D - BAM!

So like always, my good friend and instructor Eric Cameron came down to help me on a big wedding last weekend... As he is the definition of a tech nut he has the new Canon 6D that he bought at the Photo Pro Expo this Feb. Now after seeing this camera in action... as the "frugal" camera guy, I feel it is my duty to tell you about it. FIRST AND FOREMOST you can locate a new one online for $1600! That's half the price of the Canon 5D MkIII and they're both full frame!
Secondly, in camera HDR? Uh yep.  
Multiple exposure in camera... yep. 
It even shows you the overlay of the composite in live view while you create the rest of it!!
Remember the focus issues with the 5DmkII? Well this camera is fast enough to focus at 1.4 on my daughter swinging. That's fast. 
 And just to knock it out of the park... here's what Eric Cameron did... This guy puts the 6D on the alter column under a plant and photographs the whole ceremony through his cell phone!!!!
 It just wasn't fair. Just like the Canon 600 series flashes that he showed me in Dover... I caved immediately and bought the camera... Eric, you're an enabler. But we take such good photos!! 

Two early findings are that it only actuates the shutter up to 1/4000 instead of the 1/8000 on the 5DmkIII and the color is different than any camera I've had so far.

Vivian Turns 2

 April always brings a month full of birthdays to the Viltrakis family. The best one this year (no offense great grandma ;) ) was for VIVIAN!
This wonderful little kid brings so much joy to so many people it makes me proud.  
Sometimes embarrassed :)
 Almost all the family were there and her birthday was a brightly-colored elaborate affair thanks to the planning of my mother and my sister Diana. There were ceiling decorations and balloons and all. Truly a sight!
Plus matching water bottles! 
 And more gifts than she cared to open.

Happy birthday Punkin!