Emily and Seth's Big Day!

 Now that Emily and Seth have had a chance to see them I bring you the most awesome wedding in the world!
Emily and Seth tied the knot April 6th of this year in a beautiful ceremony at the Madison
They are two of the most laid back fun loving people you could meet! They were a blast for my good friend Eric Cameron and I to photograph! 
 Eric took a trip south to join us for this special wedding capturing all the things I might miss... And I'm glad I did!
 While I was here^^, Eric was capturing the competition above!
We also got the opportunity to do some things for Emily, Seth and the gang that we'd never done before, like Infrared Portraiture!
 The Lovely Ladies!
The Gentlemen 
 We even pulled out all the stops and photographed the ceremony with a remote cam! (Thanks Eric!)
 Then after some fine dining...
 And some hilarious sentiment...
 The party was on!
And every one had a great time!


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