013110 Backdrop!

This weekend Terri and I set up a backdrop in my office!

Trevor, from the post bowling shoot.

013010 Misc, Sushi, and Bowling!

Kyojin all you can eat sushi is the way to go!

This weekend Kasey, Trevor, Terri, and I went to Kyojin and then ....

After we ate way too much sushi we went bowling!

012410 Sorry, I've Been Sick...

Sorry everyone, I have been ill this week and photographed a 4 day Bar Mitzvah with Mr. David Ziser also, so I didn't have a chance to take many photos! I hope this slide show will hold you over until next week! Thanks for watching!

012310 Jean's Order is up!

Terri and I completed Jean's order today!
Jean requested a bunch of these cute little composites!

There was also a few photos I was particularly proud of for the edits we made! Check out this one of Kevin above where we totally removed the distracting background elements!

Ultra cute!

012310 Facebook Fun!

The new floating head profile kit!

I have been playing around with facebook stuff for a while and perfected the floating head profile pic today.

Here's some of the others I was playing with.

And if you would like to create your own goofy seamless profile pics here are two templates. The above is seamless and the bottom simulates a recessed area.

012310 3D Rock From Awhile Ago

After my friend Rob told me this stone didn't translate
well in the photos I decided to give it a 3d spin!

010910 500 Miles to Memphis! (B is B)

The music of 500 Miles to Memphis is going to move you.
You really have no choice. Band leader Ryan Malott's brand of rock and roll is centered right at the heart of that American music scene. A sound of fun loving sh*t kicking musicians uncorrupted by the scene or the industry. The group set up this 30 person shoot for the up coming album "We've Built Up to Nothing" due out Feb 26th, 2010!
Including my good friend Noah Sugarman,

David Rhodes Brown

Ryan Malott

Kevin Hogle,

Jeff Snyder.

010910 Snow Shoot!

Snow shoots are always fun and quirky, but you rarely have a client that says: "You know, I'd like to spend 2 hours in the freezing cold."

None the less, good friends and fantastic models Lauren and Katie both volunteered!

These girls are the best!

Even new father Damien Tepe from Tepephoto.com came out to get in on the action!

It was cold and uncomfortable, but awesome!
Thank you very much for everything ladies!
You are the best!

(With all the awesome photos I couldn't pass up taking a photo of my beautiful wife.)