2013 Cincinnati Kelby Photowalk Next Weekend!

If you love to take photos of stuff and want to meet other nice photographers of all kinds this is the event for you!
We are going to meet up on the lawn at the Playhouse in the Park and walk to Eden park then back for lunch at Longworth's for a meet and greet with the option of lunch!
 Something like this!
These are some of the images I've taken at the last photowalks!

Adventure Shoot! With Faith, Kia, Adam, & G!

I love to explore! So when local photographer Faith Puckett wanted to get together to go on an adventure, I was all in! 
Ever since the Ceasar's Creek shoot with some of my other friends I really wanted to work with  Kia again, so I called her right up (actually facebook as it is now) and luckily she agreed!
 Kia is super cool and very interesting! This time she brought her boyfriend and photographer G along who runs 2Sick4You Photography.
We started out on the waterfront  of the Ohio river (this was originally supposed to be a waterfall or water shoot but the weather changed:) and ended up at a secret place Faith knew with an abandoned paddle boat!
 So off we went to explore!
 This is a scene you don't see every day! I was totally sure we were going to get arrested, but no! "The Man" showed up as we were packing everything up! Haha! Sucker!
 One of the areas that was really amazing was the engine room so we took a few in there.
 This handsome gentleman is Adam Delane (model and actor). This guy is awesome! He was Faith's guest for the shoot. I know there aren't as many photos of Adam on the blog here, ladies, but I mainly worked with miss Kia, so you'll have to head over to Adam's website or Forever Faith Photography for more! ;)
This thing was massive, beached, filthy, and leaning! 
 It was awesome!
Adam in a power pose! 
 We even took a few couples shots (sorry G).
Thank you to everyone who helped!

Family Portraits a-Plenty!

 Another great time last weekend was getting to meet up with the Puthoff family!
Megan and I shared stories about her little ones for months before I got to actually meet these little cuties! 
And I'm glad I finally got to!!

Rock and Roll Gentlemen!

Beware world soon these two will be set upon you!
Professional rockers, Max and Anthony stopped by beautiful downtown Cincinnati for some great tailor made senior portraits! 
I've had the pleasure of hanging out with these guys at many a Twig show
  As well as being fun to hang out with, these guys are some proper musicians... these lads recommended the Fender Mustang III to me!
 We picked the perfect locations and the perfect lighting to create some really awesome images!
 I'm especially proud of these artist portraits!

 And then we had some fun!

 Actually a lot of fun!
Go guys go! 
The future awaits you! 

The Perfect Time for Portraits!

 Vivian and I had so much fun this weekend with our friends, the Schneiders!
 We got together a week after we met up to create these beautiful portraits!
 We love the Schneider family!
I've been lucky enough to be the photographer for this wonderful family from day 1

Then came little Weston!
And then the adorable Stella
Since then I get to meet up and capture their beautiful little personalities! These kids are the best! So full of energy and sweet as can be! (at least for us) And now a great set of friends for Vivian!
Thank you guys! 
We can't wait for another play date!

Michael's Senior Session!

 This week has been awesome! 
 I get to bring you the amazing senior session for my friend Michael!
 An outstanding baseball player, Michael is an outstanding character!
 He's a real power player!

 And totally cool to boot.

 We finished with the sweltering field of McNicholas field and head to 
 down town Cincinnati for some distinctive urban feel!
And thank you Caroline!