Vivian 19 Mo. Update

 It's been quite a while since I posted a Vivian update, so now seems like a good time. 
 I LOVE this child. I won't parent all over you, but...
eats hamburgers like a boss. 
explores like Hillary... 
Has fun with mommy. 
Sings sings sings... 
 loves excitement...
 is confident...
not afraid... 
and ready to go...
(new favorite photo) 
She's thoughtful... 
and observant... 
and perfect. 
I love you Vivian. Thanks for being my baby.

(last time)


Hello world! This is Meadow! 

Terri and I got to go hang out with this super cutie a few weekends ago!
 Gramma said she was high maintenance, but she was perfect for us! (We did have our moments. :)
We went outside...
Played with Elmo...
and hugged on daddy. It was perfect!
Thank you guys!!!

Josh and Lisa - Part 2: The Revenge!

As promised, last week I told you about a couple so magnificent they create light, and today you may see their amazing wedding images! Welcome to Josh and Lisa Part Two!
(The Guys: Super cool and ready to support Josh no matter what!)
This wedding was one of the most wonderful events Terri and I have had the privileged of attending! We wish it wasn't a 14 hour commute to hang out! 
This amazing couple even had model T cars picking up and dropping the guests off. Some who came as far as Israel! It was astounding!
(The Ladies: Ravishing, Graceful, and Fun!)
This was a special treat for Terri and I as this wedding had wonderful traditions and ceremonies that added a real sense of the magnificent to the day! This is just before the plate is broken! (Lit with one 600 on a monopod)
The contract!
It was a perfect fall Massachusetts day and the last weekend before hurricane Sandy washed ashore!
There was even a little magic!
Like I said before, This couple rocked non-stop! :)

The wedding and reception were at their home called "the Octagon house" and people from miles around know exactly where you are talking about when you say it!
So we couldn't help but stage a few photos around the back yard. 
And then it was on to the party!
With Cheese-it toasts and
Sawing logs...
Pumpkin smashing
And obliterating...
And snuff. Cause that's how they roll.
All together this was the wedding of the season! It rocked!
There was even something so cool we cant even show you what it is!!!!
AND! I got to meet this guy!
This was the best thing that ever happened!


Lindsey's Beautiful Senior Session

 This lovely lady is Lindsey! 
  In addition to being a perfect model and picking the perfect outfit for her surroundings after much deliberation...
Lindsey was my third and final victim on a very cold and windy autumn day! 
We even managed to get mom into a few beautiful fall portraits!
 And we were lucky we did because it got cold and rainy very soon after
We finished up running around Sharon Woods about 6:30 and rain was on the way by 7!  
Thank you Lindsey! This was a terrific session!