The Ballad of Lisa and Josh Pt 1.

And now for something so magnanimous and momentous that if i were to lay it on you in one dose your photographic head would explode so Imma have ta do it in two parts! 

This post is The Ballad of Lisa and Josh Pt 1. (The Day Before)
Any one reading this, meet Josh and Lisa.  
What can I say about such a fine couple?  
What can I say about such a fine couple that a photo of them kissing over a fish ladder can't say better?  
 Within seconds of meeting Lisa at a wedding I was photographing I knew she was my kind of person.
Fun loving, high energy, ultra intelligently irreverent, dynamos! That's Josh and Lisa. The nicest, most hilarious and generous couple ever! 
 I managed to make it look like they were being serious in some images for family but the best stuff came from embracing the crazy of a wedding in a terrific way!
 Unbound creativity and energy!
We even got to Quincy Bay (i think) overlooking the Atlantic!
For this Cincinnati boy, Massachusetts has some of the most beautiful countryside! It's breathtaking! Like this amazing sun-drenched forest wood on the bay. Beautiful while the sun is up, and then scary as hell.
These portraits are just a fraction of the beautiful work that we created together! Next time I'll spin the tale of the Magical Wedding itself so stay tuned! 
 Terri and I are SO totally thankful we were asked to be a part of this amazing celebration! 
More to come!

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