102409 The Family Weber + One! (BisB)

Friends from my old high school called this weekend to save me from the lull that sick clients leave during flu season.
These 2 1/2 people are Jay, Angela, and Claire (to be introduced).
Wonderful people!

A fantastic family and very cool!

Just the boys.

Aiden and Max!

The second half of the shoot was a maternity shoot for the beautiful Angela, this beautiful portrait came from that.

102209 The Family Schnieder! (BisB)

Update for Weston!
One of the most wonderful families I know the Schneider's allowed us into their home last Thursday for a three month update for Mr Weston's portrait.

He was... "ok" with it.

In a strange turn of events, he really likes this photograph of his parents I took.
We love you Schneider family!
Thank you.

102009 Kyle, Back for More!

Our handsome friend Kyle joined us last Tuesday for some portraits when our scheduled client couldn't make it.

An amazing photo!

Who doesn't love corn?

When playin' in the cemetery you do funny things.

We love Kyle. He is a great person.

101809 Lauren is the Perfect Model 2! (BisB)

I'm sorry that two posts in a row have been the beautiful and and talented Lauren, but we photographed her last Sunday and blogged it the same day. That means that last week's post have almost NO editing (a testament to Laurens natural beauty!) but I wanted to post these that I had selected with a few days to review the awesome work we accomplished.

I love this photo!

Lauren is an amazingly talented photographer in her own right which is why I'm so honored she allowed me to take her portraits!

083009 David Ziser Animoto shoot!!!!!!

Nationally Published Again!!!! WOOT!

Back at the end of August my Boss, the hardest working man in photography and informational Juggernaut, David Ziser asked me to take some photos for the national Animoto ad campaign. I was super excited to be a part of that, so Terri and I sprinted to downtown Cincinnati to scope out places to take the Superhero style photo! What you see above is the image I edited as my choice, it is featured HERE on the net, and in handout and other promotional materials. THIS photo we also took that day is featured in this month's issue of Rangefinder Magazine and Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Magazines! You can read David's write up on Digital Protalk.com HERE!
As always, Thank you David. You're a mad genius of photography!

101009 Luci and Gary's Wedding!

This weekend I actually attended and only partially photographed the wedding of my wife's lovely aunt Luci. Here you see my father-in-law escorting the bride. It was a lovely event and a great evening! I wish the best of everything to the new couple!

101009 Columbus trip for the Wedding!

This Saturday I went to Columbus Ohio for the first wedding I haven't photographed in as long as I can remember! These are some photos of the drive.

And this is a GIF Animation I made of the trip.
(yea, it doesn't work yet, but I'll make it happen)