071409 Sunflower Field 2! Class! (B is B)

Photography lessons with Nicholas Viltrakis are custom tailored and FUN call or email for availability 513.227.3819 Nicholas.Viltrakis@gmail.com!

I was lucky enough to have three beautiful photo scholars and models.

Terri (my beautiful wife),


All of these images have been taken using the frugal man's technique detailed here...

and Brit.

...though Lauren was our model of the day everyone learned a lot and had a good time.

That's right just one 580 EXII!!

the amazing Brit!

Lauren's hair.

At the end of the class we even played with colored gels.

Classes are a bargain at $50 per session. More classes are a available call or email now to learn how to take amazing photographs like these for your clients for just pennies!

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