Congratulations Dave and Betsy!

 Just because I'm not posting as much doesn't mean I haven't been having all kinds of fun!
 Last weekend Jane Bettis and I helped two of the sweetest most awesome people preserve their wedding memories!
 Dave and Betsy were dream clients!
 They knew what they wanted and we listened!

 The day was filled with love.
 And a lot of laughs. It was a great day.

After a brief stop at Alms Park where the couple got engaged, 
 we headed to Aglamesis Brothers to click off a few :)

This crew was amazing!

 By the way Dave did all the lighting for his own reception! It was amazing!
 The perfect backdrop for all the beautiful moments.
 Love this couple.

Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk 2015

This year's 8th annual Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk was a bit hampered by the weather, but amazing none-the-less!
 This year my friends and I took a brisk jaunt through the Cincinnati Zoo capturing a unique perspective for all the world to see!
 These are just the initial downloads from my 6D with the Iphone app!

 The overcast light turned out to be fun to work with, even though it was chilly.
I formally met some really brilliant nature photographers that pointed out plants cool bugs like!
 And my darling Vivian was there with her camera clicking away with her little camera.

And the beautiful Kat was sporting a lovely new pink polka-dot umbrella.
I spent a fair amount of time in the animal "houses."
 Still a great experience!
Afterwards a select group headed to Skyline chili.

Viv Update!

 Well in Viv news, there's been some ups and downs. 
On the plus side, we covered the inside of her room with glow-in-the-dark stars...
Downside, we broke an elbow.
Plus side, held a week old baby!

When the Actors Come Calling

So this one time the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park was
 showing "The Secret Garden."
Well since the lovely Kat Bishop works there she invited a select few of them ...
 to come over and have a...
 And then we did.
 First the delicious sushi rolled in Doritos crumbs.
(not my idea)
And then Lasers. Pointing at the moon. 
Or gems
 Or old school sword fighting!

Yes, the actors we mightily impressed by our mad skills.

See more lasers: LIKE THIS