Kat Bishop: Beautiful Creatures photo shoot Up!

 After the long wait they are up!
 This, most amazing of collections designed my Kat Bishop, was photographed at Laurel Court.

 We couldn't have done it with out the amazing group!
Some of the shots are just outrageous!
 These gowns were intense!
The harpsichord room!
 Our detail shots of Hanna's dress!

 Truly an amazing event!
 And all due to the creative imagination of this beautiful lady. :)

 These amazing images are the result of a lot of blood sweat and tears from everyone working on this.
 Thank you Models!


Photographer: Nicholas Joseph Viltrakis
Designer: Kat Bishop
Models: Holly, Veronica, Hannah, Laura, Nina, Emily, Francis 
Hair: Cheyenne Wright, Jesse Luxe
Makeup: Jason Ervin, Kelly Schroder, Wendy Hubbard Ferris, Gabrielle Hempel, Hannahbell Griffith
Shoes by Mea Bishop  

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