Design by Bryttin Christensen

My friend Bryttin Christensen has just finished up her thesis at the Cincinnati Academy Paul Mitchell Partner School and needed some photographs to show off her creations! I was lucky enough to get to help!

Bryttin wanted a retro/vintage feel for the images to match the style of the hair, clothes, and make-up.

We took all kinds of images to show off the hair and make up and style, but I just couldn't resist taking a few portrait style images!

Brittyn with her lovely models!

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We got to shoot in some pretty neat places and were even stopped by two passersby asking about our project. Aaaaahhh Cincinnati. Crazy town!

(The Diner on Sycamore)


Speaking of HOT! Another steamy sweltering shoot this week was one of my favorite freak shows, NERO Cincinnati!

Every few months hundreds of people from all over the eastern US to form a collective unscripted play that lasts for a week and is seriously intense!

This week-long quasi-play was particularly lively!

There were some pretty elaborate and awesome costumes too. This fellow drove 14 hours from Florida to attend!

Slingshot to the eye!

One of the battle I was allowed to witness :)

I have to stay back, because the fighting is pretty intense and I have no need to get a camera slapped out of my hands with a stick. :)

This fellow has fallen or been thrown (more likely) off the castle.

Check out NERO CINCINNATI here:

It is an amazing event for sure. I talked to a half tiger, half priest for 20 min. Where else can you do that?

Still aren't convinced?

Check out last time!

Or the time before that.


A Muggy Sunday with the Schneiders

It's so much fun to meet up with the Schneiders. :)

This past Sunday was no exception!

We got to hang out at a lovely local park just minutes from their house. Weston got to run and we all had a great time. It was HOT though!

Then a quick trip back home for some family candids on the porch!


Thank you Schneiders for braving the humidity with me!

You guys are the greatest!

Jessica Kenney Update!

A while back I got to photograph singer, songwriter Jessica Kenney at the Loveland Castle. This is the finished image for one of Jessica's upcoming projects. The deal was, when I arrived at the castle I found out that one of the band had just gotten into an accident! Luckily no one was hurt, but there was no way to make it to the castle in time for the shoot. So we caught up with them at practice and created the image we needed to pretend like he was there :) I had help from OJ Santiago as well!

Check out Jessica Kenney and the Enchanters HERE!

Mitchell's Adventure

There are times when you cross paths with people and think to yourself right there, "I really hope we stay in contact because there aren't many people like you." In this case it's a family. And this is Mitchell.

Mitchell is a really awesome energetic guy. We met Mitchell through his brother Tyler (also an amazing guy), and then met their amazing mother Kym when Terri was teaching at Little Miami! They are an inspiring and wonderful family of genuinely caring and adventurous people. So much fun to be with!

Mitchell, Tyler, Terri, and I had a great time traversing downtown Cincinnati amidst Shriner's parades, giant caravans of cargo trucks, and construction to some of the grandest places for all types of portraits everyone can enjoy: From grandma to your craziest friends!

At Friendship park on the river we found this amazing mirror! (I told Mitchell I wasn't going to pay him just because he was the subject AND the background in the photos!)

Here's the other side of the art!

Thank you SO much for letting us take your portrait Mitchell!

More Attention for a Beautiful Wedding

This week I had the great luck of catching the eye of Real Brides blogger at! Not surprisingly they noticed one of the most fashionable Cincinnati weddings of 2011, Mike and Hillary.

Here are a few of the notable couple's choices that lured the fashion forward. :)

I have to give a lot of the credit to Hillary and Mike though, we came together with concepts and a style we were looking for and, as you can see, the results were stunning!

I also have to give credit to Diana Hisey at EDI Events in Cincinnati who coordinated the whole event!

CLICK HERE FOR 365 BRIDES "the Sunshine Bride"

And thank you again Mike and Hillary for being so amazing!

An Afternoon with the Outstanding Olivia!

Sometimes it just clicks.

That was the case for Terri and I when we got to go out on a sunny flower safari with Ms. Olivia!

She said she was nervous at first, but from the start she was lovely, elegant, and a dream to work with!

Terri and I picked out two locations with some really awesome diversity to make sure Olivia's senior portraits wold be the best!

She even rounded out the location pool with this AWESOME sunflower field!


I told her on the shoot, and I'll say it again. You just can't take a bad photograph of Olivia!

From every angle, we found the most beautiful places to pose with petals around Blueash OH!

Thank you SO MUCH Olivia and family! The pleasure was all ours! Please try not to make your friends too jealous!