Jessica Kenney at Loveland castle

Last week was a special week because I got to see the spectacular Loveland Castle, then I got to take Soulful Country Pop singer Jessica Kenney and 3/4ths of her band The Enchanters to the Castle for an exclusive photo shoot after the castle had closed to regular visitors!!

Jessica's personal mission is to spread positivity and kindness to the world! I have to agree that the world could use a whole lot more of that!

We had a humid, but really neat time climbing around in the castle and exploring the rooms most guests don't have access to (like Sir Harry's bedroom for the crystal ball image)!

You can hear Jessica's latest record HERE!

Thanks Jessica!!! You made it easy!


james moylan said...
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Anonymous said...

AWESOME pictures Nicholas!!! You can do amazing things with a camera. Love the band photo!!!!!