060411 Krohn Conservatory: Breakfast with the Butterflies

I keep starting my posts with "This week I was lucky enough to..." and it's pretty much true. I sure appreciate my friends and clients for allowing me to do cool stuff all the time! This weekend among the other shoots I got to create awesome portraiture for the visitors at Krohn Conservatory's "Breakfast with the Butterflies." Huge thanks to event coordinator, Patti Boehnlein and director, Andrea Schepmann!!

And while you're there you just can't help but photograph the butterflies! Pictured above is the coveted giant blue butterfly we all are trying to get pictures of. It's really hard, they usually only open their wings in flight.

Check out this slideshow of all my attempts to catch one.

The Blues IN FLIGHT!

It was an amazing butterfly show this year! EVERYONE in Cincinnati should come out and see it!

It appears this one was "loved" quite a bit.

The full slideshow of the event can be viewed HERE [LINK]!

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