052811 Megan and Dan's Engagenet Shoot!

Megan and Dan are known for their kissing pictures.

Megan and Dan are the kind of couple that make your heart sing. It's nice to be around them. They show you how much in love they are in every step. :)

They found me through really great friends of mine and requested some engagement portraits that were cool and showed them doing normal everyday stuff.

There was dreamy portraits,

And a beer chugging contest! How awesome is that?!!

The beautiful Megan is a photographer herself, so I was particularly nervous. :)

One of Megan's favorite activities is reading Harry Potter to a fearful but thrilled Dan. :)

Notice a trend?

When I have wedding consultations with my clients I like to ask them to send me any images that they find that really stand out to them. Dan and Megan sent me one like above. While I have my own style of portraits, I always try to go the extra mile and maybe create some images for them that I wouldn't normally do.

Thank you Megan and Dan!!!! I CAN'T WAIT for your wedding. I know it's going to rule!

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koabel said...

You did an amazing job with the engagement shoot and we're psyched to have you do the wedding. It's going to be a blast!