061711 the Krohn Conservatory 2011 Butterfly Show Volunteer Party

The thank you portraits are available by clicking the link on the post above this one or at the bottom.

I'm not going to start talking about how lucky I am again, but I did get to document the Krohn Conservatory 2011 Butterfly Show Volunteer Party! Big giant superhuge thanks to Director, Andrea Schepman, and Event Coordinator, Patti Boehnlein!!!

The setup this year is truly spectacular!

And not only did they have butterflies leisurely wafting through the air...

But Barbara from "Wings Over the Rainbow" brought three of her beautiful winged friends.

You can contact Wings over the Rainbow @ wovertherainbow@aol.com or 937.396.0950

Here's two (the other bird was hitching rides!)

But don't forget the butterflies!!

The butterfly show is only one of many terrific events the Conservatory offers each year. I highly recommend that everyone go once a season.

OJ Santiago and I were there all evening taking beautiful portrait with the birds and the butterflies as a thank you for all the hard work these people put in to make this year's butterfly show break all previous records!!

(This is my friend Lindsey, who helped us with her bunnies and puppy during the Spring Greening Weekend.)


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