021911-022011 Krohn Conservatory Spring Greening Weekend!!!

I have to say a big THANK YOU to our friends Andrea and Patti at Krohn Conservatory for letting us do some on-the-spot portrait and printing for their "Spring Greening Weekend!!!"

(Custom border designs by OJ Santiago)

Master graphic designer and photographer, OJ Santiago bravely assisted with the waves of giggling bright eyed children of all ages that rushed to be photographed with the animals!

They're almost too cute. :)

This is our wonderful friend Kelly and a "Rhode Island Red."

For most of the guests we printed awesome little ink jet 4x6s for a donation to the Conservatory. Others chose to have the image emailed to them.

Sunday was also the day of an amazing event like a lunar eclipse, a baby chick on a puppy whose laying on a rabbit. Truly a pinnacle of cuteness!

Check out the Krohn Conservatory's website for future events!

It's a wonderful place all year long. One guest said he came once a week all winter long to get a dose of summer!

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