021111 Instagram and New perspectives

Hello and welcome, since most of my recent work has been the property of an entity larger than myself I have chosen to take a moment this week to share a really cool app that exploits the crappy qualities of my iphone 3g in a really cool way!

The app is called Instagram and is free.

Essentially you treat your phone like a medium format camera with a about a 25mm prime lens. Then overlay one of 16 retro filters and...

Viola! Instant classic.

I love this portrait of my good friend Rob. Its so Mathew Brady, 1850s.

This trick to this app is to understand what it does, and take photographs that will look good when the framing and the over lay are applied. You're shooting for the product!

I remember reading on DigitalProTalk.com several years ago about how David explored the possibility of his 100mm Macro by taking a photo hike and not letting the lens leave his hands. That's what I'm trying to do with my stinky iphone camera and this really neat app.

(A little loop lighting from a lamp and a contrast filter later)

This application exploits the contrast and strange quality of the iphone camera pretty well.

Terri has is the one who showed me Instagram and she has some pretty amazing photos herself. I'm pretty sure she was told by amazing Cincinnati photographer and friend Melissa Fields.

The camera does have its limitations though. It is NOT a macro. :(

Thanks for the shutter noise Apple, but if you have one, it should coincide with the exposing.

Having said that, it's still a neat way to view the world!

And it's the perfect set of effects to portray the cold of winter!

Even the medium format cropping was a challenge at first.

And what intro to photography class would be complete without a trip to the cemetery!?!?!?

Pretty fun stuff!

I'm just saying, if photography of coffee in a hallway can be made interesting in a few clicks, then I'm all for trying it out!

The program is called Instagram


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