The Wedding of Mike and Anu!

 Now that Mike and Anu have had a chance to see their awesome images I'm proud to share a few with you! 
This night was amazing! Mike and Anu are a spectacular laid-back fun-loving pair and their friends are just as awesome!
 After hitting up one of my favorite urban spots downtown and taking some beautiful images in the Hilton Netherland downtown, we headed over to The Center just off Fountain Square for a gala event designed by the infamous Joe Rigotti from Accent on Cincinnati.
 I love this little corner!
 Arriving at The Center!
The veiling. (Photo by Jane Bettis
 Just look at the design by Joe Rigotti! AMAZING!
The ceremony was a beautiful blend of many aspects of Anu's Indian culture and some added fun! 

 The Center's gorgeous entrance.
 And then the party began!
 And it was awesome.
 This was one of the most loving,
hilarious, enthusiastic, and colorful weddings I have ever attended. 
And at the end of the night, everyone was worn out from all the awesome. :)

You guys rule!

Daisy and Rachelle's Reception!

 Another of the coolest things I got to do this week was to attend the reception of Daisy and Rachelle!
 This awesome couple held a rock and roll throw-down at MayDay in Northside.
Not only was I able to see all the awesome guys from one of Cincinnati's most excellent bands, Foxy Shazam, but I also got to hang out with SO MANY other astounding musicians! Here's Loren with the master of blues rock, Josh Pilot
 Loren chest hair closeup... So rock.

 Not many people know Eric has a lazy eye. Actually it's not really a lazy eye, he has a lazy rest of body and that eye is the hard working part. 
There was food and drinks and gifts... 
 And stories of felony wielding hippies with waterfalls and ultra christian bird sanctuary ceremonies. It was awesome!
 And Jesse Fox's hair.

And there was much love! 
Thanks for letting me be there!

I love Sushi Sunday!

I have a lot of really awesome things to show all of you but for right now one more Not Photography Post.
Way back in the unlikely southern town of Lexington KY is the place I got hooked on the most delicious dish... raw fish... sushi.  
(2003 Snap, what talent)
My amazing friend, John Baker, pictured below was the one who suggested we try out Miyako for lunch one day. 
John is a great man, as evidenced in these 2003 spy can snapshots.
This was the best roll ever, The Pink Lady with a little bit of lemon on top! 
 Soon after I found out you can go broke eating at sushi restaurants real quick, we began learning the craft!
Go the whole family involved!

Mmmm octopus salad. :)  

 Soon after I got lazy and located some all you can eat buffets!
 Nom nom nom!
And specialty dishes.  

PS - Sushi is awesome! I'm having some tonight!

Miscellaneous Post: It's been a while!

(I love making these)
Hello Friends! I am still recovering from Mike and Anu's awesome wedding last night so this weeks going to be a catchall from the last few months. I get to see a lot of cool stuff that isn't related to the particular shoot I'm on at the moment so I usually snap a photo and keep working... well this post has some cool stuff that happened along the way. :) Enjoy!

Viv's first attempt at Easter Eggs.

 This sculpture in the Covington Courtyard Mariott made me laugh a lot. It looks like a cheese coney. Seen at Seth and Emily's Wedding.

You know this guy is a hard worker. 

IR basketball 

 Love this miniature shopping cart full of potatoes :)


 There's an angle you don't normally see... for good reason.