Daisy and Rachelle's Reception!

 Another of the coolest things I got to do this week was to attend the reception of Daisy and Rachelle!
 This awesome couple held a rock and roll throw-down at MayDay in Northside.
Not only was I able to see all the awesome guys from one of Cincinnati's most excellent bands, Foxy Shazam, but I also got to hang out with SO MANY other astounding musicians! Here's Loren with the master of blues rock, Josh Pilot
 Loren chest hair closeup... So rock.

 Not many people know Eric has a lazy eye. Actually it's not really a lazy eye, he has a lazy rest of body and that eye is the hard working part. 
There was food and drinks and gifts... 
 And stories of felony wielding hippies with waterfalls and ultra christian bird sanctuary ceremonies. It was awesome!
 And Jesse Fox's hair.

And there was much love! 
Thanks for letting me be there!

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