I love Sushi Sunday!

I have a lot of really awesome things to show all of you but for right now one more Not Photography Post.
Way back in the unlikely southern town of Lexington KY is the place I got hooked on the most delicious dish... raw fish... sushi.  
(2003 Snap, what talent)
My amazing friend, John Baker, pictured below was the one who suggested we try out Miyako for lunch one day. 
John is a great man, as evidenced in these 2003 spy can snapshots.
This was the best roll ever, The Pink Lady with a little bit of lemon on top! 
 Soon after I found out you can go broke eating at sushi restaurants real quick, we began learning the craft!
Go the whole family involved!

Mmmm octopus salad. :)  

 Soon after I got lazy and located some all you can eat buffets!
 Nom nom nom!
And specialty dishes.  

PS - Sushi is awesome! I'm having some tonight!

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