022708 Yar (V2)

I decided to dress up at work today
(the smoke is photoshop, i hate smoking).

021608 Spring Grove Cemetery

I was at Spring Grove Cemetery (Cincinnati Ohio) this weekend scouting locations and taking in the scenery.

I love my wife. "Hey, go stand there... to the left, not that much... perfect!" What a sport.

I'd be sad if someone cracked my nose off too.

1/4000 of a second.
Ah, Trevor. If anyone was to get a drop of skull paint onto his boot... it'd be Trevor.

021608 Snowflakes (Again!)

021608 Misc

020908 Basilica

This is an edited version with out the stained glass framing.

This is the original.

Click to see larger.

Click to see larger.
My beautiful wife.

Frank Duveneck (well, that's actually not Frank, but he painted it)

All of these are from the Basilica of the Assumption in Covington Kentucky.