More LARP Creative Theatre

Luckily while business portraits might be more tactical than artsy, I do from time to time get the opportunity to experiment artistically with my friends at the former NERO Cincinnati crew! 
Here are some really cool new promo images we just finished!
 There's a lot of time and effort put into not just the habits and world of these characters, but also the physical appearance has to say a lot when the rules of "normal" are well more relaxed that usual. 
  I have a great time trying to capture a look that conveys the message and looks cool. 
 This time was awesome since the group hired art director Brandon Kidwell!
We knew who was in each scene, what they were doing, a couple of places to shoot it from, and we rocked it. Thanks Brandon!
 I always enjoy the free form and creative environment that these guys exist in. 

This Year's Snowflakes!!

Every year since I received a macro lens I have forced myself to go out into the frigid dry winter to hover over various surfaces and try not to breathe out. 
 It's delightful fun and I'm sure the neighbors think I have too much time on my hands. 
The difficult thing is that not all snow looks pretty. 
 Pollution, the types of storms and how quickly the moisture froze all change the flake. Lots of times they are just little poof balls. So finding the combination of nice looking flakes at a time you aren't doing something else, and there's enough light is a challenge. 

Corporate Gear Bag Review

 I always get into debates with other photographers over what the right amount of gear is to take to your photoshoots. I'm kinda minimalist. Certainly not bare bones, but I have to have multiple uses for every item I bring. For my corporate shoots I have a specific collection that I take that gives me the versatility and flexibility to meet and exceed all of my customers expectations without taking FOREVER. I'd like to share that today and hear what you think is an essential element or tool for business shoots. Portraits, events, special, PR images, product shots, you name it. What can't you live without? 
Here's my standard corporate chaos kit. Lowepro roller bag crammed (see below), three cheap light weight lightstands for the 600 EX-RTs, two reflectors, and two zumbrellas, Plus coffee. The reflectors can direct natural light, fill light, or block nasty overhead office lighting (I carry push pins too). The light stands let you get you lighting anywhere and the coffee gives you the will to live. :)
Ok, the bag. After complex differential equations involving camera model to time ratios and much Newtonian physics that only Thom Shumard actually understands this setup appears to be a fractal. :) 
1. 600exrt 
3. Optical fire kick light
7. Spare charged flash batteries, random spare batteries, led flashlights
11. Camera battery charger
13. Push Pins
14. Business cards
15. expo disc color check from OJ Santiago
16. Roll 'o duct tape
17. Lens hood 72mm, 
18. wireless remote trigger for camera
And in the top, every gel color in the rainbow to match weird office lighting. And some flexible modifiers I can mold into gobos or snoots!
So far there hasn't been a scenario where I've come up short. What do you think? 

Photo Pro Expo 2013!!

Some highlights from Photo Pro Network's Photo Pro Expo 2013!
With the biggest tradeshow in the midwest this convention has EVERYTHING a photographer could possibly need!!
Including educational and inspirational talent, like Kevin Kubota above!
And the amazing Lou Freeman
I am just not able to post all of the fantastic speakers at PPN this year, cause you'd stop looking at the blog after 50 images or so...  I'll post what I can!
In addition to the education from the speakers the Photo Pro Network also has one of the best print competitions with really great judges too! You can learn a lot from that also! 
My lovely friend Natalie! 
Freaking with Kevin! 
 And when Eric Cameron and I weren't TOTALLY EXHAUSTED from the 16 hour work days and 4 hours of sleep, we played around with all the photo toys we could get our hands on!
My glamour shot by Eric in our half hotel room, oh yea... livin it up. 
Workflow machines Kent and Sarah Smith.  
My good friends Kate and Jason Higdon continued their trend of winning more awards than they could even carry this year. I think they even brought an assistant to help carry them all.
And the cutting of the ribbon by the big guys, Randy Fraley, David Ziser, and Tim Walden! 
Mr. Rick Sammon at the Westcott Lighting fantasy shoot with Natalie! 
I'm telling you this was an all out life changing event for photographers! And if you haven't seen Zach and Jody Gray yet, click here!
 Like I said, when we weren't totally wiped out Eric and I even managed to take some photos for the wonderful (and adventurous) KT. 
And of course, the man who illegally drove through 3 feet of snow to grace Cincinnati with his presence and wit. . . Joe McNally!
What a great guy and a source of inspiration.   
And EVERYONE knew it!
Photo Pro Expo is the BEST possible use of photographer money, not just for the inspiration and gear you can get in one place, but for the fun and the networking too! If I don't see you next year or at PPN summerschool, I'll assume you aren't serious. ;) 

More Greatness From Ford-Ellington!

Just wanted to share a sweet little composite for the greatest floral and event design group ever Ford-Ellington


Last weekend I had a truly unique experience!!
 Some really great friends of mine came together to rock out in a grand way!
 Two giants of bands joined forces to form a yet unheard of supergroup...
 On the one side you had Chubby laying down the likes of Steely Dan to Dire Straights...
On the other, the rock enigma that is Twig! 
 Blasting everything from the Beatles to originals off their latest release Light up the Sky!
 Crazy Dave
 And then... the two squshed into an 8+ man wall of sound they called STUMP.
It was intense! 

 If that wasn't enough the lovely Greta poses with the magnificent caricatures that have become a staple for Twig's amazing parties  

 Who doesn't love fog?!?
 Hall n' Oats
Thanks for having me boys! Enjoy the photos!