Last weekend I had a truly unique experience!!
 Some really great friends of mine came together to rock out in a grand way!
 Two giants of bands joined forces to form a yet unheard of supergroup...
 On the one side you had Chubby laying down the likes of Steely Dan to Dire Straights...
On the other, the rock enigma that is Twig! 
 Blasting everything from the Beatles to originals off their latest release Light up the Sky!
 Crazy Dave
 And then... the two squshed into an 8+ man wall of sound they called STUMP.
It was intense! 

 If that wasn't enough the lovely Greta poses with the magnificent caricatures that have become a staple for Twig's amazing parties  

 Who doesn't love fog?!?
 Hall n' Oats
Thanks for having me boys! Enjoy the photos!

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