More LARP Creative Theatre

Luckily while business portraits might be more tactical than artsy, I do from time to time get the opportunity to experiment artistically with my friends at the former NERO Cincinnati crew! 
Here are some really cool new promo images we just finished!
 There's a lot of time and effort put into not just the habits and world of these characters, but also the physical appearance has to say a lot when the rules of "normal" are well more relaxed that usual. 
  I have a great time trying to capture a look that conveys the message and looks cool. 
 This time was awesome since the group hired art director Brandon Kidwell!
We knew who was in each scene, what they were doing, a couple of places to shoot it from, and we rocked it. Thanks Brandon!
 I always enjoy the free form and creative environment that these guys exist in. 

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