Vivian at Totterville (or whatever)

Had a rare opportunity to accompany my daughter and some friends to Otter's Totterville, or whatever it's called. 
To children Totterville is like a wonderland where the rules of physics do not apply. To the rest of us Totterville is where children go to spread illnesses and improve their immune systems. 
And there's balloon animals...  
Vivian is hilarious and it was nice to get her into a place where she can try out her limits safely.  
The ballet room... 
 All of these were shot at 1.4 and I am surprised they are in focus. This kid is like an atom bomb. 
 My Sweetie
And shopping carts full of potatoes.  
Ms. Zoe B performing her puppet show! 
And of course, a ball pit!
Go kid Go!

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