Ceasar's Creek Shoot!

 I know it's been like model central around here lately, but when you get the opportunity to share ideas and lighting techniques with some of the coolest people in the business you can't always find a last minute wedding!
 Photographers Jason Lykins and Michael Zero accompanied me on an amazing journey through the poison ivy laden wetlands of one of southern Ohio's best kept secrets.
 We also had a crew of amazing models Kaitlyn, Cindy, Kia, and Kat. As well as our beautiful assistants Andrea and Jesica!
Poison Ivy aside, this was an amazing opportunity to play in the undergrowth and shallow wading pools of this beautiful lake! 
The lovely Cindy 
The captivating Kaitlyn
 While most of the patrons were fishing or sunbathing we were sweating it out in the flora creating the perfect lighting ratios and poses!
 The amazing Kia
This log was the funniest, every time we walked on it  it got a little less safe. :) 

 We had a really great time and everyone got some great images!

 Then again, it would be hard not to with these lovely ladies and such quality friends assisting.
 Ms. Kat
The crew! Stay tuned for the next shootout meetup and contact us now if you are interesting in participating or modeling!

Glamour Shoot with Michael Zero and Katie!

 I'm super excited this week to show you some images from an amazing glamour shoot I was lucky enough to be invited to!
 Not my normal venue, but a very interesting challenge, my good friend Michael Zero a while back invited me to accompany him on one of his high fashion shoots!
 Michael is an amazing photographer and a great guy so it only makes sense that he would have lovely and professional models. That day was no exception. Katie and Lauren were beautiful, helpful, and lots of fun!
This is Lauren, she was amazing, but most of the time I got to work with Katie. 
 Here's a great working shot of the master in action!
(total Michael Zero rip-off)
Katie was a perfect model! Full of energy, fun, quick, and moves like Jagger (except attractive). I was really thankful she let me try out all my ideas! We went through the spectrum of clothes she had bought and landed on a beautiful black dress that she proceeded to rock! 
 My first attempt at the fabric shot. Thanks for being patient Katie!
I hope you enjoyed the images! 
Also big thanks to Michael and Christine (our amazing makeup artist)

Check out more Michael Zero here!
Contact Christine for your shoots here: 

10th Year Anniversary!

 Boy am I lucky! Not only did I meet my longtime friend and IR photography inspiration Travis Forbear but I also got to meet his beautiful wife Rebecca! And not only that, but the forecast said 60% chance of rain and it didn't rain once for this 10 year anniversary shoot!
This was a weekend of amazing fortune!
  Anticipating rain I booked the Krohn Conservatory where we sniped the prettiest spots at our convenience and then headed to downtown Cincinnati, and finally ended up in a beautiful sunflower field! It was perfect!
 I even captured this swallowtail butterfly in an alley in Cincinnati!
 Travis and Rebecca are amazing!
 Travis and I must have met online 5 or so years ago! I have been following the creation of his amazing book "Invisible An Infrared Journey" for a long time and was super excited to get a copy when it came out! More excited to see me thanked in the liner notes, and EVEN MORE excited to hear that he was going to make a drive from Michigan to allow ME to take his 10 year anniversary portraits! No pressure or anything!!
Travis' work is always inspiring and really cool! Sometimes he treks for hours and miles across the frozen tundras of Michigan! Despite all that coolness when I met Rebecca I realized that HE was the lucky one!
(Assisting for this shoot was the wonderful Meg Koabel and lovely Erin Durbin on light)

Check out Travis here: http://twforbear.zenfolio.com/

Aurore: Jenny from Winterhymn

This hauntingly beautiful woman is Jenny.  
 I was lucky enough to be invited on a shoot by my friend and talented photographer, Jane Bettis two weeks ago. She had two very lovely models lined up, and makeup by NielaDawn.com! Also, it was just about raining!
When we got there Jane started with the other model Krystal and I got to meet Jenny.
 After telling her she had a spooky look and her not getting offended I found out she's in this crazy metal band called Winterhymn
 She plays keyboards, You can hear that here!
 I only had an hour to shoot so I was very grateful to have such a great model!

 I think this one is awesome!
 And just at the end when I had to leave to make it to the 10th anniversary shoot...
Jane tells me she has a surprise! 

Thank you Jane! Thank you Niela Dawn, Krystal, and Jenny!


I have had three photography "gems" this weekend, so I'm playing catchup! In the mean time enjoy these gems!

Speaking (well typing anyway) about gems... many of you know that I bought a whole bunch of gemstones to give away to people I meet. It's a wonderful way to make a lasting impression on people and it's quirky. Well, just after the 4th of July parade in Northside with the amazing Steph Worley and Seth Miller we met up with a group and as usual I handed out some stones... well this groups had the stones set! If I recall correctly a pendant, tie tack and some other sweet stuff. One was even a gift for a wedding rehearsal! #WINNING #MAKEADIFFERENCE