Aurore: Jenny from Winterhymn

This hauntingly beautiful woman is Jenny.  
 I was lucky enough to be invited on a shoot by my friend and talented photographer, Jane Bettis two weeks ago. She had two very lovely models lined up, and makeup by! Also, it was just about raining!
When we got there Jane started with the other model Krystal and I got to meet Jenny.
 After telling her she had a spooky look and her not getting offended I found out she's in this crazy metal band called Winterhymn
 She plays keyboards, You can hear that here!
 I only had an hour to shoot so I was very grateful to have such a great model!

 I think this one is awesome!
 And just at the end when I had to leave to make it to the 10th anniversary shoot...
Jane tells me she has a surprise! 

Thank you Jane! Thank you Niela Dawn, Krystal, and Jenny!

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