Glamour Shoot with Michael Zero and Katie!

 I'm super excited this week to show you some images from an amazing glamour shoot I was lucky enough to be invited to!
 Not my normal venue, but a very interesting challenge, my good friend Michael Zero a while back invited me to accompany him on one of his high fashion shoots!
 Michael is an amazing photographer and a great guy so it only makes sense that he would have lovely and professional models. That day was no exception. Katie and Lauren were beautiful, helpful, and lots of fun!
This is Lauren, she was amazing, but most of the time I got to work with Katie. 
 Here's a great working shot of the master in action!
(total Michael Zero rip-off)
Katie was a perfect model! Full of energy, fun, quick, and moves like Jagger (except attractive). I was really thankful she let me try out all my ideas! We went through the spectrum of clothes she had bought and landed on a beautiful black dress that she proceeded to rock! 
 My first attempt at the fabric shot. Thanks for being patient Katie!
I hope you enjoyed the images! 
Also big thanks to Michael and Christine (our amazing makeup artist)

Check out more Michael Zero here!
Contact Christine for your shoots here: 

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