Ceasar's Creek Shoot!

 I know it's been like model central around here lately, but when you get the opportunity to share ideas and lighting techniques with some of the coolest people in the business you can't always find a last minute wedding!
 Photographers Jason Lykins and Michael Zero accompanied me on an amazing journey through the poison ivy laden wetlands of one of southern Ohio's best kept secrets.
 We also had a crew of amazing models Kaitlyn, Cindy, Kia, and Kat. As well as our beautiful assistants Andrea and Jesica!
Poison Ivy aside, this was an amazing opportunity to play in the undergrowth and shallow wading pools of this beautiful lake! 
The lovely Cindy 
The captivating Kaitlyn
 While most of the patrons were fishing or sunbathing we were sweating it out in the flora creating the perfect lighting ratios and poses!
 The amazing Kia
This log was the funniest, every time we walked on it  it got a little less safe. :) 

 We had a really great time and everyone got some great images!

 Then again, it would be hard not to with these lovely ladies and such quality friends assisting.
 Ms. Kat
The crew! Stay tuned for the next shootout meetup and contact us now if you are interesting in participating or modeling!

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