052909 What a way to begin the weekend?

Crash! We wake up on Saturday norning at 7 am thinking
"What was that!?!"
As it turns out weather and temperature can destroy a
tempered glass table.

053009 Dry Ice ( FROZEN BUBBLES!!!!)

I asked you all on facebook what I should take pictures of next and Eric Bower (Computer Guru) responded "Frozen Bubbles!" and I said YES!

Everyone knows there's lots of fun things you can do with dry ice.

Like this!

Most obvious is that you can make fog.

But did you know that since carbon dioxide is heavier than air they make bubbles float or freeze?

Yes that's right!

Here's a bunch of photos I have taken with the aid of CO2.

Plus you can do some pretty cool things with hot water and lights!

Like this photo.

More importantly, Eric asked for frozen bubbles.... and here they are!

When the bubbles touch the dry ice they freeze and shatter.

When you try to pick them up they melt and shrink!

But frozen they look like this!

There you have it! You asked for it on facebook and I delivered!!!
Frozen Bubbles!!!

053009 Hail Storm, fitting end.

And to finish up a great night here was a hail storm!

Quarter sized hail!

052609 Welcome!

Welcome guests, I am anticipating quite a few of you are going to be coming from the guest blog post at www.digitalprotalk.com.

To facilitate your viewing enjoyment I have created buttons in red at the top right of this blog. Click the style or type of photo you are most interested in seeing and the blog will reorganize itself for you, or scroll through for a chronological arrangement of my portraits, experiments, and mischeif!
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Thanks for looking!

052309 Shadow Play!

I had a thought in the car the other day that it would be neat to have subjects who's shadows don't match. This is my beautiful wife (i get this look a lot).

This is the result of that expedition!

Perhaps you remember my friend Kris and his many faces from this Great People I Know post?

One fun fact is that it is nerve racking to be waving a large butcher knife over some one's head across from your local police station.

051909 Restoration by Nicholas V (B is B)

The story of this photo is as follows: the owner asked her mother for the photo for years and the mother was reluctant to give it to the daughter for fear it would get damaged. Finally the daughter managed to get her mother to relinquish the print... only to have the dog eat it in the first week. Looks like mom was right.

Just Click the play button when the page loads.

052309 Guest Blog? Misc.

Hey there, this image was taken for a guest blog post I have written for Digital Pro Talk dot com. What is the subject?!?!? Guess you'll have to check the protalk blog! Here's a clue, it's about lighting.

052309 Mad King Ludwig

Ok, I didn't take this picture. It was taken in 1890 and colored by lithograph. The important thing is that this castle is AMAZING!

It was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria around 1870. It is called Schloss Neuschwanstein. You should click the link on King Ludwig. He was an interesting guy. Seemed to be the Francis Farmer of kings if you know what I mean.

051109 Ciara (part II, the revenge... of Awesome) (B is B)

Here it is, with much anticipation... the second half of Ciara's photo shoot!

This time a little more urban...

Looking toward the future.
(Here's an alternative image)