022809 KRIS (Great People I know)

This post is dedicated to one of the most amazing individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, Kris Rekers. Mr. Rekers has been one of my closest and best friends for over 16 years . I love him as much as any member of my family. Longtime friends of this enigmatic gent will no doubt find this post not only funny but reflective. People new to the experience will be confused at first. Kris is the type of person who takes no cues from society. He forms his own impressions and forges a new path through life. I admire many of his qualities and have more than once relied upon his superhuman kindness in my times of need. I am deeply indebted to this exemplary human and I am sincerely thankful for having met this √úbermensch sometime around my 13th year on the planet.

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Jack said...

This was treat. I've nearly pissed myself.