032509 National Mag and Digital Pro Talk

I found out yesterday from Teddy that one of my photos from the Javelin Dance photo shoot made it into the nationally published magazine HM.

Uncredited, but at least I can say I have a nationally published photo.

In other news this cheesy dork is running tech support for David Ziser's Digital Wakeup Call tour 2009. This is a seminar for anyone who is interested in creating better images. From beginner to pro anyone can learn something from this seminar. However you better take notes because there is SO MUCH information packed into every minute that if you aren't ready to hear it or you are still processing the last sentence you'll miss half of the presentation.
Everything I know about photography I learned from this seminar. I've seen it twice and I own the DVD. Massive tons of useful stuff here.

On a similar note David's wildly popular Digital Pro Talk blog featured my levitation post on Monday. My average hits per day went from the average 30 or 40 to a skyrocketing 400 Monday and 260 yesterday. Here's the link to the post. Everyone seems incredulous about the fact I just jumped.

Thank you David! I appreciate the plug.

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