062708 Teddy

This is Teddy. I told him Friday that he was my new favorite human (with the exception of my wife of course). I stand by that. Teddy is not only a tremendous human (aka a nice guy) but he is one of the most talented drummers I have ever witnessed. Here is an example of one of the bands he is affiliated with. Which brings me to my next point.

Teddy also introduced me to some of the guys from one of the coolest bands in the world. FOXY SHAZAM! These guys are amazing!! (<--!!!!!!!) Go listen to them, buy their T-shirt, CD, See a show, watch this video. In a sea of crappy music, Foxy Shazam SOARS above! I felt like a school girl meeting them. And I know I look like a total idiot in the photo.

The reason I was out on friday at all is because Teddy asked me to play conga drums in a bridge with Bosco Rossi, yet another band he is affiliated with. It is the Brainchild of Molly Sullivan. The show was awesome.

The crowd was entralled.

This is my favorite photo of the show.

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kasey said...

Weird! I saw Teddy and that other guy later that same night at a bar in Covington. I wanted to go hit on both of them because they looked so charming and adorable, but I was already "engaged". Great shots of great looking people!