082009 Terri Viltrakis

This shoot is the counterpart to mine from last week.

I love my wife.

These were the dual 580EXII setup I was talking about in the email Linda!!!

Mmmmmm music.

082709 Class? Nope!

The intention last Thursday was to hold another photography class for those who wanted it but alas, everyone was busy... so I went out with my beautiful wife, Danny, and Zak.
We set out and were obstructed by the fact that the whole of Cincinnati was having a party!

We ended up in Mt Adams and just ate dinner. It was still a good time.

081809 Fly? What is this thing?

Anyone know what this crazy thing is?

It was hangin' on my good knives.

082209 Ford-Ellington Wedding

Taking a break from toting a camera around for 12 hours straight on a wedding day I helped award winning greater Cincinnati area event design specialists, Ford-Ellington, set up a magnificent wedding at the Manor House in Mason Ohio last weekend.

This is a little boutonniere-ish arrangement I made for Terri from scraps.

It's no wonder I became a photographer.

I actually used to work for Ford-Ellington about 10 years ago.
I think it was the consistently best job I ever had. Everyone there was a pleasure to work with.
Absolutely wonderful people!

Kevin from Ford-Ellington is the reason I am a successful photographer today! He actually introduced me to David Ziser. An event for which I am greatly thankful!

This was a new style arrangement I was really fond of.

I believe this arrangement was created by the fantastically talented Laura!

Ford-Ellington Event Design is more than just "flowers." They provide total event co-ordination that creates not only astoundingly comprehensive attention to detail on your special day, but a peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are in the care of amazing people that know how to make your dreams come true!

If you have an event any time in the future you now know who to call!

082809 Connor Highschool!

I got to speak to one of the fine art classes at Connor high school in Kentucky this friday.
This is what everyone looked like at 7 am.
And this is what I looked like.

Just kidding. Seriously it was a pretty good time for being so early in the morning.

082009 Back Yard

Terri and I got to hang out in the backyard the other day.
Quite a rare treat now-a-days.

081609 Payton's Portriats (BisB)

What?!?!? Is it... Yes it is... this woman is touching a sunbeam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet Payton, the only girl I have met capable of touching the sun and not getting burned.

Payton loves her little brother Riley.


A free-er spirit has yet to be found!

I love this shot.

Haha, what an awesome time we had!

081509 Bryttin in the City (BisB)

Who wouldn't like this as a senior portrait?
it's ultra awesome!
Bryttin is a WONDERFUL person!

And not shy in front of the camera, she know she looks great!

We had an awesome time roaming through the city snapping ridiculously cool photos.

Thank you Bryttin and Michelle for letting me hang out with you! You both are amazing!

081809 Danny's Amazing Furniture

My good friend Danny is pretty awesome in all respects.
In addition to being a second generation fire fighter (which is super awesome to begin with), he is also a hilarious and caring guy, and an artisan.
End table with removable stand.
Danny's latest endeavour is high quality made-to-order furniture and accents.
Jewelry Box

If you have a need for a certain piece of furniture or accent that you can't find anywhere, this contemporary hero can be reached at danny25s@gmail.com. All pieces are hand crafted to the finest standards and are fantastically reasonably priced! Don't hesitate to shoot him an email today. There are wait times for new pieces!