080409 Hors D'ouvres, Compton Style! (Great People I Know)


Ok, how did we get here?

It started out simply enough...

Carrie is a friend of mine who lives in Reno. She is starting her own photography business taking, among other things, extreme mountain bike racing. Check her website out right here.

She asked me to stop by while she was in town to talk about Canon flashes. Here I am talking the finer points of directional lighting all Ziser style.

Well, to teach high speed photography
you have to have high speed...

Enter the Patriarch of the Clan of Great People I Know, Bob Compton.

When I came over to work on flash technique with Carrie one thing lead to another until...
What's better for high speed photography than breaking glass?

Brett the perennial student and engineer, explains crack patterns in tempered glass.

Once we finished shooting 4 panels the grilled salmon an garden fresh vegetables were ready and we all sat down to a fantastic feast with two opposing types of Sauvignon blanc.

Bob (to round out his awesomeness) is even an incredibly talented photographer who preferred the medium of the rich deep tones of hand processed black and white on a medium format camera. Thank you for the waterfall print, Sir!

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