112908 Brett and Sam (Great People I Know)

Great People I know: Brett and I go way back. Even before we roomed together in college I was friends with his older bro Jon. Brett has always been a gentleman and a great person.

A few years ago he met Sam, I don't remember how, but I was overjoyed. Sam is also an amazing person.

Brett and I used to play ping pong all the time in college,
I even wrote this heavy metal song in 7/4 about it.
The competition was serious!
(Lyrics to the song)

Brett appears to be a career student at this time, i think he's an engineer or something... but he's younger than me and has been in school at least 3 more years.

Sam is a woman of many talents, not the least of which is baking "OMG" delicious sweets.

I love both you guys... even if you do live in California.

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Lisa Wolk said...

hey nicholas,

we met, well, yesterday at susan and elliot's wedding in cincy. and of course, the first thing i did when i got home was check out your blog. how did you take these pictures of the couple with the thumbs up? i really gotta learn some of these techniques...

(the short bridesmaid)