Photo Pro Expo 2015!!

 The Photo Pro Expo was last week and if you missed it I feel sorry for ya...
 Held at the center of the universe in Covington KY's convention center...
  There was plenty of seating for the huge crowds like above for Lindsey Adler.
 Also it was a great time for the industry leaders to get together and talk shop... or whatever.
The learning and fum was in abundance! Jim Schmelzer was amazing with lighting and posing!
#1 selling author, Roberto Valenzuela captivate the room with his wit
and insight!
(1.6 seconds F22 hand held)
Here's the lucky group from Crayons to Computers with the new cameras afforded by the Photo Pro Network! This year the total donation was $10,000! 
Portrait artist and Olympic sailor Peter Hurley was there! BAM!
 Jim Schmelzer once again...
 And the Photo Pro Expo! The best place in the world to try out enormous glass!
 Celebrity photographer Michael Grecco wow'd em with keen insight and inspiration!
And what expo awards night could go by without a mention about super team Higdon? I started a petition that next year we just mail them the awards and we can all save a hotel room expense...
And did I mention it was a beach theme?
Paul Goodman figured it out.
 Saturday into the morning hours we held the first ever Midnight at the Oasis shoot! More on that later. Above is pictured the amazing Phillips Mitchell.
And this man, Frank Wilson was my partner in crime for most of the weekend. Whether it was teaching the kids from Crayons to Computers to the Celebrity Guest Photographer booth for Westcott, Frank was there! THANKS FRANK! YOU ROCK!
This is an overhead shot creepin in on Phillips Mitchell's model freezing concept!
(photo by Tiffany)
 And you know I had a good time.
 Even my cousin Holly was there!
 And you know the attendees had a good time!

 I also need to send a shout out to these beautiful ladies, Natalie and Amanda! They were loads of fun! An of course, the one who chooses not to be photographed, Tiffany! Thank you ladies!
One of the best parts of the convention weekends are the expo shootouts! 

I'm somebody!
 This one is Roberto Valenzuela and I have a post next week about my shootout Sunday morning!
And last but certainly not least a HUGE thank you to Mr. David Ziser (who was only 18 days out from open heart surgery and still kicked butts all weekend long!!!!) the beautiful Mrs. LaDawn Ziser, and Mr. Randy Fraley!

Of course this post can't possibly sum up all 1400 images from the weekend! SO for a full list of speakers and itinerary click here:
PhotoProExpo 2015

Next year is ready to register! Until then click here and be sad you missed it

Super Awesome Day!

 Saturday Was the Best daddy daughter day ever (so far)!
Got up early
Painted our nails.
 Hung out with Kat!
 (actual window licker)
I anyone has any advice on stopping pika let me know...
 Anywhoo... we made it to the Contemporary Art Center by noon!
 And Mr. Rekers was there!

 And there was a ball pit!
 And a ball pit!
 [SCENE OMITTED] then there was a couple hours at Jump&Jacks with Lilly Rose, Gabriella, and Kat! AND THEN! A ROCK AND ROLL CONCERT!
Viv was a bit cantankerous. 
As the first band played after three or so songs they finished a song and everyone clapped. Vivian turned to me (we were seated in the front row) and said “Everyone knows I don’t clap.” loudly to which the teens all laughed. Then after two more songs the bass player said “This next song is a cover. I hope you like it” and Vivian said “I probably won’t” loudly again and the bass player said. “We already lost one fan.”


Best day ever!

Amazing Winter Engagment with Lindsey and Mark

 This week it is my express pleasure to bring you the beautiful engagement photos of Mark and Lindsey!!!
 This attractive couple was gracious enough to drive on up to Cincinnati and spend the day with Kat and I.
 We ran around the coolest part of downtown!

This wedding is going to be super fun!

 I can't wait!
 This amazing couple even got to bust out their super hero T-shirts for some high flying fun.

Love you guys!