Super Awesome Day!

 Saturday Was the Best daddy daughter day ever (so far)!
Got up early
Painted our nails.
 Hung out with Kat!
 (actual window licker)
I anyone has any advice on stopping pika let me know...
 Anywhoo... we made it to the Contemporary Art Center by noon!
 And Mr. Rekers was there!

 And there was a ball pit!
 And a ball pit!
 [SCENE OMITTED] then there was a couple hours at Jump&Jacks with Lilly Rose, Gabriella, and Kat! AND THEN! A ROCK AND ROLL CONCERT!
Viv was a bit cantankerous. 
As the first band played after three or so songs they finished a song and everyone clapped. Vivian turned to me (we were seated in the front row) and said “Everyone knows I don’t clap.” loudly to which the teens all laughed. Then after two more songs the bass player said “This next song is a cover. I hope you like it” and Vivian said “I probably won’t” loudly again and the bass player said. “We already lost one fan.”


Best day ever!

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